Our Food and Education Project

Millions of children in India go to bed hungry because their parents/guardians are not able to purchase food for them.
Most of them drop out from schools so that they can help their parents and supplement the family income.

We need your support

Contribute to Alliance Charitable Trust to help our pioneering & pain-staking endeavour to ensure that no poor or under-privilaged child goes hungry in India. They are our future and yours.

Every month the Alliance Charitable Trust feeds over 3,000 needy children in the areas of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, which comprise some of the poorest regions of India. Yet, there are hundreds of thousands of more children whom we are not able to help due to lack of financial resources. For as little as $10 a month you can sign up as a monthly donor and help save these children. For every one dollar you give, six nourishing meals can be distributed to these needy children.

All of our relief activities are carried out with private fundraising and with your help & without any government grants. As such, there are absolutely no expenses for us other than for feeding the poor; no salaries, no office rent, etc. This ensures that 100% of your donation is used to help needy children in India.

We are always careful that only the best foods, nutricious foods, are prepared for use in our food relief program. To us it is not only a service to needy children, but a service to God. Your assistance in these programs is humbly requested.

Your help can make a difference in the lives of countless children, who would otherwise be facing severe hardships and difficulty. Your personal involvement in this most important seva is necessary to enable us to carry on these activities.

We need your support

Alliance Charitable Trust Taking the School to the Slum and poor Children !!!

Alliance Charitable Trust is striving to enable less privileged people to prosper via learning and showing them how to lead a life of dignity by standing on their own feet. It is giving back to the less privileged children their childhood and all that their childhood should comprise of Alliance Charitable Trust runs Centre (Non- formal education in the slums)and assists children to get into the education mainstream by way of admission to formal schools. Assistance is provided in terms of finances to attend school and the guidance to be successful at school.

Gifted children are provided access to Special Skills Development, be it in sports or a musical instrument. Alliance Charitable Trust runs several Vocational Training Centres and a Handicraft Centre and also extends support to the less fortunate, to generate livelihood - through self employment. The entire effort is directed towards enabling our people to become self-reliant and prosper, thereby improving the quality of their lives……and of those around them. Alliance Charitable Trust concerns each one of us. It is our way of making our world better.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers

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